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US Rep Peter King: Terrorist Supporter

It's Fine when His Precious IRA Does It


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Doing this would put YOU in jail


There's a world of difference between support for Irish sovereignty and providing support for the IRA's trigger pullers and bomb setters.

King was an aggressive fundraiser for NORAID, a group that tapped US citizens for funds which were used for weapons and bomb-making materials. At the time, the US State Department designated the Provisional Irish Republican Army as a terrorist organization.

Representative King was not just a champion fundraiser for NORAID, he also GLORIED in his support of IRA gunman and when in Ireland was a frequent welcome visitor to private clubs like "The Felons" whose membership was limited to IRA veterans who'd served jail time.

In fact, King's very first act after being elected to Congress was to jump on a plane and head to Belfast where he was feted by his friends at "The Felon's Club." After all, they and their supporters in Long Island are the ones who paid King's campaign bills.

Apparently King likes open-eneded war abroad and oppression and harassment of American citizens at home.

Just when you think US Congressmen cannot possibly sink any lower, one finds a way to.

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