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Time for the US to stop funding terrorists

Not a conspiracy theory any more.


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It's about time the country woke up.


The British invented the game in the early 20th century and the US picked up the thread:

Arming Islamicist nut jobs.

We did it in Afghanistan in the 80s, we did it in Libya, we're doing it in Syria now.

Representative Tulsi Gabbard just introduced a bill to make this insanity illegal.

By the way, nearly 20 years ago Brasscheck reported on a little known wrinkle to this story.

Remember Kosovo?

Under Bubba Clinton, the US worked hand in hand with tIslamicist terrorists there to undermine the sovereign country of Yugoslavia.

20 years later, US support of terrorism is not a conspiracy theory any more.

It's about time the country woke up.

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