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The San Bernardino Spectacle
and how the Israelis handle
guns and terrorism (from 10/15)

Many unanswered questions


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The Big One: If this was a random mass shooting
how on earth does giving up your gun protect you?


About the San Bernardino Spectacle

As usual the news media asks no intelligent questions:

1. Were there no security people at a complex of this size?

2. Where is the surveillance camera footage? No cameras anywhere? Really?

3. Where did all those cops come from so fast? It looked like the staging for the invasion of Normandy. All that was missing were jet flyovers and a mobile doughnut shop.

4. None of the people on stretchers showed any signs of blood. So what was their problem exactly? Generally people
who've been shot bleed, at least a little.

5. The one guy who did have a little blood on his shirt looked like it was smeared in totally random places.

6. The "usual suspects" (Obama, Clinton etc.) were on TV instantly denouncing guns. If the killers used meat cleavers would they be denouncing them too?

7. A married couple with six month old did this? Are you serious? If that's the way it really happened, this is an unprecedented one-in-a-ten-billion case of serious mental illness which NOTHING can defend against.

8. Meditate on the strangeness of this story: What mother on earth with a six month old would decide "Now is the time to play psycho commando with my husband."

9. The shooters were MASKED and described by one early witness as big and brawny. How do we know that the police murdered the right people? Remember the brothers in the Boston bombing were accused of getting into a shootout with police and throwing a pressure cooker bomb at them. We now know that that never happened.

10. The justification for targeting this couple was that supposedly the husband left the meeting disgruntled before the shooting took place. This led an "unnamed" witness to suggest to police that he might be one of the shooters. Really? You have a dispute at a meeting and then you go home and convince your wife, the mother of a new born, to suit up and go on a killing spree with you. Then you drive home and hang out?

If it really happened like this the fact is that nothing like this has ever happened before in recorded human history and it defies all common sense.

Brasscheck TV's answer to the normal human question: "What can I do?"
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