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The Mad Bomber of Belgrade
is now after thought crimes

"We need internment camps for 'dissidents'"


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Wesley Clark: Clinton era thug


The Arkansas Rhodes Scholar who managed the military attack on Waco behind the scenes for fellow Arkansas Rhodes Scholar Bill Clinton is now recommending that the US set up internment camps for dissidents.

In case you forgot, or never knew, Wesley Clark also managed the bombing of hospitals, schools, bridges, factories and other civilian targets in Belgrade, Yugoslavia during Clinton's illegal war against that country.

JEREMY SCAHILL: In Yugoslavia, you used cluster bombs and depleted uranium...


JEREMY SCAHILL: I want to know if you are president, will you vow not to use them.

GENERAL WESLEY CLARK: I will use whatever it takes thatís legal to protect the men and women against force.

JEREMY SCAHILL: Even against civilians in the Nis marketplace? Why bomb Radio Television Serbia? Why did you bomb Radio Television Serbia? You killed 16 media workers, sir.

JEREMY SCAHILL: Amnesty International called it a war crime and itís condemned by all journalist organizations in the world. It killed makeup artists.

GENERAL WESLEY CLARK: It was all looked at by the International Criminal Tribunal crime by Yugoslavia. All of my actions were examined and they were all upheld by the highest law in the United States.

JEREMY SCAHILL: And you think a media outlet is a legitimate target?

GENERAL WESLEY CLARK: No, but when it is used as command and control, it is.

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