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The bogus rise of the "lone wolf"

"The strategy of tension."


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Italy 1940s/Chile 1970s/US Now


How do you take a sane, reasonably balanced society and make it willing to accept abusive totalitarian behavior?

The CIA knows because they developed a workable method in post-World War II Italy.

The problem: "Communist" candidates (i.e. local politicians not willing to kow-tow to the US) were doing very well in the polls.

Why: Because they were the people who led the resistance against the Fascists and even succeeded in defeating them on the battlefield before Allied troops arrived.

The CIA solution: Stage lots of random, senseless, "unexplained" acts of violence - and blame them on the bad guys. In this case the Communist Party.

In Chile, a similar technique was used to create social unease after a socialist candidate Allende won the presidency. As an added twist, members of the military were threatened with rumors that Allende was going to "eliminate" them.

What's going on in the US?

Random, senseless, "unexplained" acts of violence that can only be answered by more surveillance and less rights.

They're coming fast and furious now.

Brasscheck TV's answer to the normal human question: "What can I do?"
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