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Sandy Hook: The Logistics

Special Report


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Logistics = Reality


The Sandy Hook story as told makes no sense.

That children were murdered in cold blood is not in dispute.

Who did it and how it was done is.

The official story is literally impossible.

This video covers only a few of the points where the story is absolute fabrication.

The name-calling idiots are writing in with their commentary.

One woman wrote in to claim that her 125 nephew easily carries his weight in gear in Iraq...

Here's my reply to her and all the other idiots who insist on denying basic reality and making up stories:

Your nephew, assuming your story is real,
does not carry 125 pounds of gear.

No one in combat in Iraq or Afghanistan
carries anywhere near that much.

Your nephew, assuming he exists, is
a conditioned soldier and that's what
enables him to carry and operate with
whatever weight he does go out with
(50 to 90 pounds tops)

People can watch all the games
they want. It will not condition them
to carry and maneuver with all the gear
the police say this person brought with

So it's you YOU who are full of crap
and willfully ignorant to boot.

The children who were murdered
deserve a better investigation than
the garbage that TV-addled idiots
like you support.

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