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Remember the anti-Muslim
film that "sparked Bengazzi" ?

It was a CIA stage-managed scam


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Que the world wide protests


Few seem to get this so let me lay it out.

The film "The Innocence of Muslims," that supposedly sparked outrage across the Muslim world, was a CIA operation.

How the film came to be made is shrouded in mystery (and BS.) It doesn't particularly matter.

What does matter, and what has the CIA's finger prints all over it, is the coordinated, global promotion of the film.

Fact of life: This NO-BUDGET piece of junk would never have found its way around the world without a lot of international media help and a lot of global on-the-ground connections to extremist groups.

The story is that the dysfunctional knuckleheads who made the film and couldn't even get a dozen people to come to its premiere somehow managed to promote it all over Arab speaking world.



Who has that kind of international media reach and who has its tentacles in Muslim extremist groups around the world?

There's only one group I know of.

Many, including CIA-favorite Hilary Clinton on Friday, puts the blame on the film for the attack on Bengazzi.

2 + 2 = Four

Need worldwide protests to act as a cover for the assassination of someone you want to get right rid of?

Take an obscure film, make it a media darling, and light up your network of extremists nut jobs around the world...

Then take care of the real business at hand and get rid of the one guy who knew where all the bodies were buried relating to the US transferring weapons to the extremists who've destroyed Syria.

Clinton demonstrated zero interested for the safety and well being of the ambassador in Libya - and she is the one pushing the fake "controversial movie" story now harder than anyone, even though she clearly know it's not true.

Very good chance Clinton is going to be the next president. She's a dream come true for the people who put one corrupt traitor into the White House after another.

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