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Prison break or full blown military operation?

Doubts abour the narrative


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The problems with this story


We posted this video about an obscure news story within hours of the news first breaking because we felt it was important.

The War in Iraq has been primarily road bombs, snipers and ambushes. Guerrilla war tactics.

Now suddenly there's a well organized military attack featuring coordinated mortar fire and special forces level small unit military operations.

Two major problem with this:

1. You can't organize an attack of this size, especially near military-secure areas, without telegraphing your intentions.

2. A fighting unit can't suddenly from "hit and run" ambush style fighting to this level of coordination overnight.

The language being used to describe this "a prison break" and the bare bones facts are also in

This was a MILITARY operation and Al Quaeda does not have military scale units in Iraq, certainly none that can operate with this level of pre-attack stealth and coordination.

Another inside job?

Brasscheck TV's answer to the normal human question: "What can I do?"
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