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Garbage cans, not backpacks - and no shrapnel

What bomb?


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Remember the story?


Recall the Boston Marathon bombing story...

Two bad guys had two black backpacks which someone - no one knows who - saw them put down at the blast site (even though one was filmed with a WHITE backpack.)

In those backpacks authorities say were big shrapnel-laden big pressure cooker bombs (even though pictures of them with their backpacks show NOTHING like that.)

Here are the FOUR MAJOR problems with the Boston Marathon story:

1. Numerous eye witnesses say they clearly saw explosion in trash cans
2. Numerous witnesses right in the blast zone walked away without a scratch. A flimsy plastic tarp between the blast zone and the street did not have a single hole or tear in it. Even balloons in the blast zone didn't burst
3. Investigators said that finding shrapnel was like "looking for needles in a haystack" and apparently didn't find any until days later
4. There is a kind of "bomb" that looks, sounds and behaves exactly like the Boston Marathon bomb. It's used for trainings and it is designed to injure no one.

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