False flag in Norway

Yes, they really do this stuff

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Coincidental "drill" just when
they needed some "nationalist" crazies

Why is it that madmen are so often able to operate at Super Special Ops level effectiveness the FIRST time they take up arms and with no known training?

Do you ever wonder about that?

Do you ever wonder how "lone gunman" are able to kill so many people before they're stopped?

Why there's often talk of a second - or third or more - gunman that fades away?

I do.

If mayhem were this easy, military forces wouldn't need to spend weeks and months to bring killers to this level of effectiveness.

Isn't it odd that when "right wing nuts" or "Muslims" or "militia" or "nationalists" or "anarchists" or "gun owners" or you-fill-in-the-blank are needed to get a point across, they magically develop super human combat skills...without training...without logistics...just learning as they go along.

It's bullshit folks. The story as it is being told is total bullshit.

The only real thing about it are the innocent victims.
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