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Creating terrorists

"State of siege"


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Where do terrorists come from?


Do government create terrorists and terrorist acts?

History says they do.

Where did the waves of terrorism that hit Latin America and Europe in the 60s and 70s come from?

Why did they appear so suddenly and disappear just as suddenly?

Natural processes don't work that way. If the terror waves were organic, they would have had an obvious precursor and they would not disappear 100%

The turning of "terrorism" on and off like a light switch indicates that terrorism is a manufactured phenomenon, not one that arises spontaneously.

And ominously, guess who has been training thousands of random police officers from all over the country how to make bombs?

That's right. Uncle Sam. Ref: http://www.emrtc.nmt.edu/training/safetycourse.php

This clip from "State of Siege" shows how the process worked in Latin America.

Note: This is a VERY hard movie to get a copy of.

When it starts in the US, remember who warned you it was coming and who was most likely behind it.

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