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CIA's Porter Goss and the 9/11 cover up

Whistleblower poisoned before book published


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FBI had names of at least two 9/11 ringleaders


So much in this video:

1. Terrorists were put on the "watch list" as terrorists - but not on the NO FLY list and were readily admitted to the country and allowed to roam free.

2. Porter Goss, the head of Congressional Select Committee on Intelligence (and CIA agent), supressed this and other related information.

3. Dr. David Graham's report was kept out of the 9/11 Report.

4. Graham believed Bin Laden was living in northern Pakistan and pinpointed the area - and said this years ago.

5. Graham died as the result of poisoning before his book could be published.

Not in the video but fascinating fact: The same FBI informant who hosted the Al Qaeda agents in San Diego also rented the house to the Hale Bop suicide cult.

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