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Boston Bombing witness murdered

FBI hitman named: Aaron McFarlane


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Murdered witness "completely unarmed"
Murderer was alone in room with victim


The victim: Ibragim Todashev...

Unarmed, on crutches, shot in the back of the head by an FBI agent.

The name of the FBI shooter which the government did everything possible to obscure: Aaron McFarlane.

McFarlane was left alone in the room with the victim and the two other law enforcement officials who participated in the interview claim they were not in the room. Thin blue line indeed.

Who is Aaron McFarlane?

For one thing, he's received over $500,000 in disability payments over the last ten years from the City of Oakland based on his claim that he was not physically able to work.

He also had numerous reports against him for brutality while an Oakland Police Department.

Perfect hit man material for America's version of the KGB.

Don't ask: 'How could the FBI be so careless as to hire a man like this?"

Realize: The FBI has a whole stable of them and far from sneaking passed "The Bureau's" notoriously thorough background checks, he's just the kind of black bag guy they want "on tap" for jobs just like this one.

But this story may have gotten away from them...

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