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The war against journalism


Abby Martin and Joe Rogan chat (02:51:19)

Banning real news (01:00:31)

Exposing State criminals (48:15)

First Wikileaks, then the New York Times (08:11)

Google is attacking alternative news (04:50)

"I get it" (05:08)

Locking up the ones who look for answers (8:59)

Major warhawk calls for peace and the US news media ignores him (04:39)

Media: "We will decide who won" (18:01)

New York Times reporter dies hours after Snowden interview (1:00:47)

Obama legacy (12:59)

Rachel Maddow - Democratic operative (10:36)

Real journalism - it exists (01:29:10)

Reporter arrested for asking questions (09:46)

Reporters: Do your job and go to jail (12:45)

Spread out the documents - or die (06:57)

Stop the madness (09:36)

The 100 year war on independent journalism (23:04)

The greatest medical fraud of our time (12:51)

The new strategy for shutting down the press (06:26)

The news about the news (06:27)

The news media's pathetic support for Hillary Clinton (10:35)

Turning peaceful people into terrorists (10:52)

Will Brasscheck TV survive to 2018? (15:31)

Will Brasscheck TV survive to 2018? (12:26)

YouTube and the news (09:13)

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