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The smoking gun that will
put Bush behind bars

Program length - 07:46


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Murder most foul


If you conspire for the death of a person or group of people, without a legal justification like self defense, and death ensues, then you're guilty of murder whether you pull the trigger or not.

Vincent Bugliosi understands this legal principle very well.

He's the prosecutor who put Charles Manson behind bars even though Manson never personally killed anyone.

When George Bush attacked Iraq knowing fully well that the US was not under any threat from that country, he became legally liable for the death of every US soldier under his command.

Bush is, of course, morally responsible for the death of every person in that conflict, but the legal theory for prosecuting him for all of them is not as clear cut.

But it doesn't matter.

Just one wrongful death is enough to indict him and bring him to court on murder charges and just one conviction is enough to put him in jail, hopefully for the rest of his natural life.

This video addresses the smoking gun that proves that Iraq was not a threat to the US and Bush knew it.

Therefore, his order to attack was a premeditated criminal act that resulted in the death of others i.e. he is a murderer.

There is an experienced attorney running for Attorney General in the State of Vermont.

She is ready, willing and able to bring Bush up on murder charges.

All it takes is one Attorney General to step up and the flood gates will open.

But it won't happen by itself.

There is no single issue more important to the future of this country than the criminal persecution of George Bush for murder.

Future presidents must be made aware that criminal activity in the White House will result in aggressive prosecution and that their immunity lasts only as long as they're in office.

Here's where you can go to get more info about and support the campaign to indict George Bush for murder:

Indict Bush for murder

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