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Contaminated battle fields

US dumped tons of radioactive material on the Middle East


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The legacy of depleted uranium


How do you get rid of the tons and tons of depleted uranium that's generated during the enrichment process of uranium?

It should be buried far from population centers and fresh water supplies.

Instead, the US and Israel got the bright idea to shape it into ordinance (ammunition for big guns) and use it in war. Tanks, cannons and attack helicopters used it routinely during Iraq I and Iraq II and in Afghanistan.

The use is this radioactive weaponry violates the following international treaties, conventions and agreements.

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights
The Charter of the United Nations
The Genocide Convention
The United Nations Convention Against Torture
The Geneva Conventions, including Protocol I
The Convention on Conventional Weapons of 1980
The Chemical Weapons Convention

Over 150 countries have voted to ban (or closely regulate) depleted uranium in the UN. The US, France and Britain have continued to block this action through their United Nations security council seats.


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