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Trying to stop net neutrality by...
promising Internet freedom?

"Perfectly Orwellian"


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"Protect internet freedom" group tries to end net neutrality


The political game surrounding the issue of Net Neutrality has risen to a level of total ridiculousness.

While one piece of legislation promises to regulate the internet like a public utility in order to keep it free and open, another group called "Protect Internet Freedom" urges us not to support it.

This groups' tactics are completely Orwellian, claiming that letting the government regulate the internet will destroy freedom and innovation.

Truly, the regulation Protect Internet Freedom warns against is simply to stop internet providers from favoring certain lines of traffic.

Not only that, but the roots of this Protect Internet Freedom group can be traced back to interests against Net Neutrality.

It's hard to imagine a better example of total double speak.

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