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Why do they use crisis actors?

Because real eye witnesses tell the truth


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Controlling every aspect of the narrative


Brasscheck was the first news outlet to draw attention to the bizarre "eye witnesses" the news media has been trotting out starting 9/11. We didn't have a name for them, but now they're called crisis actors.

(See "The 9/11 Solution" which has been mirrored across the Internet and viewed at least 8 million times.)

Whatever you believe about these events, you have to agree the "witnesses" and relatives of the victims the TV selects to put on TV are uniformly bizarre:

They cry without tears. They laugh in the middle of a catastrophe and then sober up when they realize they're on camera. They tell stories which make no sense and later turn out to be completely false. They discuss traumatic events as calmly as if they recounting a walk around the block.

The unanswered question: Why do they use crisis actors instead of real eye witnesses?

This video offers and intriguing suggestion as to the motivation.

Brasscheck TV's answer to the normal human question: "What can I do?"
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