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Turning buildings to dust

What is a barometric bomb?


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Sound familiar?


The attack was a "surprise" and then it later turned out to have been forewarned.

The building was supposedly destroyed by a terrorist attack, but no one was able to account for other explosions that took place and the actual destruction of the building.

The FBI had an instant suspect.

The remains of the destroyed building were quickly removed from the scene before they could be seriously evaluated.

Hundreds of local people who were at the scene question the official version of events.

The FBI methodically visited and harassed witnesses who publicly challenged the official version of the story.

Investigators and other government officials made numerous statements about the time line and other facts related to the case were caught in countless lies and misstatements about what happened that day.

After the attack, Congress immediately passed a complex and previously un-passable "Anti-Terrorism" bill which severely curtailed civil liberties in the US. Hardly anyone who voted on it actually read it.

The news media not only didn't cover the serious doubts raised about the official story, but also ridiculed anyone who asked questions.

Welcome to Oklahoma City - 1995.

9/11 was a carbon copy of the Oklahoma City boming.

Just substitute Osama bin Laden and al Queda for Timothy McVeigh and "the militias"; "hijacked" planes for a truck full of fertilizer, and the World Trade Center in NYC for the Murrah Building in Oklahioma City.

The one key difference was there was no Internet to speak of back in 1995 to get out the word and organize a truth broad based truth movement.

But some of us were on it back then:

The Oklahoma City Investigation: A Sick $89 million joke

Brasscheck TV's answer to the normal human question: "What can I do?"
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