An American family in the Chilean coup

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The other 9/11

The planned demolition of several office towers in Manhattan wasn't the only noteworthy thing that happened on September 11,

Twenty-eight years earlier on the same day, the US (under Nixon and Henry Kissinger) and fascist traitors in Chile (every country has them) had their hands full - and covered in blood.

This is a film based on a real story made by Costa Gavras about an American family caught up in the slaughter. Over 3,000 were murdered and 28,000 imprisoned and tortured in the first months of the coup. Over 130,000 people were arrested for political reasons in the first three years afterwards.

It was a reign of terror and the destruction of a peaceful democratic country that had previously been known as the "Switzerland" of Latin America.

This is what they would have loved to do to us after September 11, 2001, but it's taken them a little time to put all the pieces together.
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