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9/11: PBS lets the cat out of the bag

Architects and engineers speak out


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What if...


What if a decision was made at the highest levels that the US War Machine (the Pentagon and its suppliers) had to be preserved at all costs...even if those costs included assassinating a US president and popular presidential candidate (the Kennedy brothers) and murdering over 3,000 people in cold blood (9/11)?


Perhaps, but what is not speculation and what has been suspect from Day One is that there is no way on earth that fire could have caused three modern steel framed buildings to collapse in on themselves so perfectly that the debris fit into a contained footprint.

Who did did it and how was it done?

I don't know, but that is did not happen the way we've been told, I have no doubt.

Whoever crafted the story is lying and liars generally lie to cover up the real story.

Film highlights (new ones being added all the time, check back)

  • It was a controlled demolition. Period.

  • 9/11: How they did it

  • First responders and eye witnesses reported explosions and the media covered up

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