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Water for Africa

How We CAN Make a REAL Difference


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Real help for Africans


We've seen how Bush is willing to spend billions of US taxpayers dollars to fund the dumping of obsolete "AIDS drugs" on the African continent.

Bill Gates, who has been moving his vast fortune out of software and into a portfolio pharmaceutical companies before the bottom falls out of Microsoft, is huge booster for testing experimental drugs on Africans.

While these ghouls "give" billions as part of a mission to turn Africa into a colony of the pharmaceutical industry, PlayPumps has a better idea.

Why not make it easy for rural Africans to get access to clean water?

As demonstrated in the West not much more than 100 years ago, when clean water is made available to a population, they become healthier and their life span and productivity increases.

This technology is ingenious and it demonstrates how easy it is to solve the real problems of the world - if the "philanthropists" actually care about helping.

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