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Buddies of mine

A great American story


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The fact that we still have some people like this is the reason that America hasn't permanently gone down the rat hole of history.


It's eight years after 9/11.

Why is the news media only just now telling the story of these brave folks who sailed into the debris cloud to rescue survivors while everyone was running the other way...and then stayed for four days to pump water from the Hudson River - the only source of water in Lower Manhattan in the days after the 9/11 attacks.

By the way, when George Jr. arrived for his photo op, FEMA told the boat it had to disappear for "security" reasons.

The stories I could tell....don't get me started.

But do get Jessica's book. She'll tell you the whole story and more.

It's about the dignity of manual work, everyday heroism, making and fixing things that matter, cool boats, and putting out fires.

Come on. What could be better than that?

(Also, pages 60 to 61 have some on-the-ground observations about 9/11 you may never have read anywhere else.)

Google "My River Chronicles" by Jessica DuLong.

(Yes, she's as cute in person as she looks in the video. She's also a Coast Guard licensed marine engineer.)

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