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The Prussian School Model

Designed to crush spirits, not liberate them


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The US public school model


One of the elements that made the Nazi takeover of German policy was the Prussian School model.

It's purpose was not to teach people to think themselves, but to condition them to follow orders.

In the 19th century, US industrialists adopted the Prussian model and began the process of gutting the traditional American approach to education which stressed independence of thought.

In 1838 Orestes Brownson wrote on this very subject:

A government system of education in Prussia is not inconsistent with the theory of Prussian society, for there all wisdom is supposed to be lodged in the government.

But the thing is wholly inadmissible here . . . because, according to our theory, the people are supposed to be wiser than the government. Here, the people do not look to the government for light, for instruction, but the government looks to the people.

The people give the law to the government. To entrust, then, the government with the power of determining the education which our children shall receive is entrusting our servant with the power to be our master. This fundamental difference between the two countries [United States and Prussia], we apprehend, has been overlooked by the board of education and its supporters.

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