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The Common Core Curriculum scam

Trojan Horse for mass indoctrination


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Robin Eubanks: InvisibleSerfsCollar.com


It's not as if the public school system does a good job of teaching people to think independently.

But its about to get worse - much, much worse.

Apparently not satisfied with controlling the news media and the direction of scientific research, the federal government now wants to control and standardize everything that happens in the already overly regimented and unimpressive US public school system.

Washington already covertly controls the public school system in the US. Now they're about to tighten the screws.

"Learning" is no longer important.

The Feds want schools to focus on standardizing values, beliefs, feeling and behaviors. It's called "21st century learning."

School administrators, being the unimpressive dolt they are, are buying it - especially when it comes attached to hundreds of millions of dollars in federal grants.

Brasscheck TV's answer to the normal human question: "What can I do?"
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