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Religion Inc.


A closer look at Mother Theresa (24:23)

A different look at Jesus (13:01)

Behind the scenes at the Vatican (17:51)

Christian clergymen celebrate Christmas by beating each other up at the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem (2:00)

"Christian" Zionist for Israel (28:59)

Christians for War (02:51)

Escaping Scientology (47:39)

Fleecing the flock (06:15)

George Bush vs. Harry Potter (4:00)

God Bless Christopher Hitchens (06:46)

Governed by Fraud and Delusion (20:00)

Happy Halloween (10:00)

How "religious" conflicts are created (16:47)

How did this BS become a story? (13:15)

Indicted governor finds Jesus (4:00)

Missionary Tactics (10:00)

Mixing religion and politics (25:06)

Mother Theresa - "Hell's Angel" (24:23)

New Indiana law takes us pre-civil rights era (6:33)

Old Tibet not all it's cracked up to be (6:55)

Religion is... (10:13)

Romans, Christians and the great switcheroo (37:52)

"Science is bad" (10:00)

Special delivery for the Vatican (2:08)

The Bible and immigration (08:35)

The censored history of political islam (44:50)

The Dictator Pope (16:13)

The End of the Imperial Episcopate (01:32:09)

The Internet rocks another golden calf (6:30)

The Mother Theresa scam (11:09)

The poison of Christian Zionism (01:00:47)

Theodore Shackley And Company's Connection (41:54)

Tortured into "going straight" (32:42)

Was Jesus a Buddhist Monk? (48:58)

Where the Vatican meets the Mafia (44:29)

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