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Toronto Chief of Police Bill Blair

Liar, terrorist, bully


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Chief of Police of Toronto


How is it possible that this lying sack of shit still has a job?

Blair claims that "thousands of hours of video" were screened to find 90 police officers who weren't wearing their name tags yet video of police shooting unarmed demonstrators in the back with rubber bullets, slamming non-resisting people into the pavement, and other acts of violence don't concern him at all.

Apparently "rules of the service" don't apply to sexually assaulting young women and handicapped people.

Blair is - quite characteristically - lying when he says that women were not sexually assaulted by the officers under his command.

Video testimony:


Where ever the G20, WTO, SPP and other international gangster organizations go for their meetings, they send millions of dollars in "equipment and training" to the local police force in advance - and the result is always the same.

In Toronto, it was the G20's turn.

Who are the G20?

The finance ministers and central bankers of the 20 "developed' nations. The people whose policies are responsible for the current financial catastrophe.

Sadly, the G20 and others can always count on the fact that at the top of most big city police forces they'll find a venal, corrupt "officer of the law" they can count on to terrorize and brutalize his own fellow citizens in exchange for a pat on the back.

The purpose of these operations which are so remarkably consistent from city to city?

To provide these groups with the cover they need to pursue their anti-social agendas without public scrutiny and to demonize anyone who would dare question what they're up to.

In exchange for his pat on the back, Bill Blair has sullied the reputation of Toronto police officers for at least a generation, unleashed and endorsed criminal behavior on the part of bad elements within the Toronto Police Service, demoralized the many decent men and women on his force and left countless citizens of Toronto with physical and psychological injuries, some of which may last a lifetime.

Brought to you by Bill Blair...for the sake of the bankers..against his fellow citizens and in violation of Canadian law.

Officers under Bill Blair's command conducted a systematic campaign of sexual assault against women in Toronto during the G20 meeting.



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