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Sex, drugs, rock and roll - and murder

Murder & Mystery In Laurel Canyon


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Zeph Daniel interviews David McGowan


Murder, satanism, pedophilia, ritual abuse and mind control of the top entertainers...

It all happened in Laurel Canyon.

What was going on there?

Here are some strange things to consider:

1. In the mid 60s fledgling rock stars suddenly started flooding into Laurel Canyon, an area in the Hollywood Hills above Hollywood Boulevard.

2. An incredible number of rock stars from that era were the children of military officers, including many who were in military intelligence.

As one example of over a dozen, Jim Morrison's father was the commander of the ship that figured prominently in the Gulf of Tonkin fraud that started the Vietnam war.

Some other with this background: Frank Zappa, John Phillips David Crosby, Steven Stills. Jackson Browne, Emmy Lou Harris.

3. An astonishing number of musicians, and other entertainers, and their wives and girlfriends, from this area era died young, many violently.

All this happened at the same time the US government was flooding the San Francisco Bay area with free LSD via the antics of (former) army intelligence officer Stewart Brand (also known as "Mr. Whole Earth.")

From zero "dirty, drugged out hippies" to tens of thousands of them OVERNIGHT, just like someone flipped a switch. All just a big coincidence I'm sure.

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