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Why Bush let New Orleans drown

Was it an "engineered" failure?


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Eight months before the levees broke


Katrina was not a natural disaster...

It was an engineering disaster. That's according to a professor of civil engineering at the University of California.

That is was an "engineering" failure is beyond doubt for anyone who bothers to look into the facts.

Case in point: the lack of relief efforts. Recently, the US roundly criticized Burma for not accepting outside relief efforts.

But didn't the federal government do the same thing in New Orleans?

FEMA turned back highly qualified US relief workers at gunpoint...

Diverted volunteer firemen from around the country to take "gender sensitivity" workshops before they were allowed to fight fires in the city...

Failed to drop needed food, water and medical supplies to citizens trapped in the city for days without supplies...

And on and on it goes.

Maybe one of the motivations for these actions was the massive success of the largest anti-war, anti-Bush demonstration in the Deep South, held in New Orleans on Bush's inauguration day eight months before "Katrina."

Today, more than half the population of the city still has not been able to return home and the activist network has been similarly decimated.

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