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The case of the censored scientist

Program length - 10:19


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Leading Louisiana wetlands scientist
fired for speaking the truth


The US can't be destroyed, or even seriously injured, by an external enemy.

But it can be - and is - being destroyed from within by its so-called "elites."

We're all well aware of corruption in government, investment banks, corporations, the news media and other obvious white collar criminals.

What is less obvious, but every bit as threatening, is the censorship of science by state and corporation funded academic institutions.

The hero...hanged

Did you know that after the collapse of the US Army Corps of Engineers levees following Hurricane Katrina, LSU (Louisiana State University) fired one of the nation's leading wetland scientists and disbanded its Hurricane Studies Center?

Yes, they really did that. They fired the man who warned about the coming disaster, prepared for it, and in the process helped save countless thousands of lives.

Now thanks to the most recent oil industry-created catastrophe, Professor Van Heerden's detailed knowledge of Louisiana's wetlands is needed more than ever.

So where is he?

In court.

Trying to protect his career and reputation from a band of government-funded thugs in academic gowns who used threats, intimidation, media smear campaigns, and - according to evidence presented in court - an e-mail documented plot to poison him.

Why are they doing this?

Simple: Van Heerden's telling the truth threatens their lucrative scams.

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