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New Orleans - Two Years Later

A national disgrace


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Engineering failure, not natural disaster


What killed over 1,000; totally destroyed the homes of 250,000; and rendered hundreds of thousands homeless?

Not Hurricane Katrina.

Is was the collapse of the federal levees.

Poorly designed, poorly built, underfunded.

The Bush Administration knew the levees had the potential to fail and did nothing. They did nothing during the catastrophe. And they've done nothing since to make good on their promises to help the people there rebuild.

Could you be impacted by the collapse of a levee? Millions of Americans depend on federally managed levees - and the ones in California are in even worse condition that the ones in New Orleans were.

To get involved:

1. http://www.levees.org
2. http://www.ChatUsHome.com

More about New Orleans here:


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