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America Betrayed

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New Orleans: The forerunner


A federal system that was supposed to protect was in fact riddled with holes and corruption.

It collapsed killing over 1,800 people instantly and many, many thousands through delayed reaction over the weeks and months that followed.

(How many seventy year old plus people do you know could survive being exposed to the elements for days on end without food, water or medical attention? The post collapse obituaries in the local newspaper "read like the yellow pages.")

Then in a massive act of carefully coordinated misdirection, the story changed.

It wasn't the federal levees at fault. It was the citizens. They were lazy, they were foolish, they shouldn't have lived where they lived, they should have gotten out of down, etc.

The levee collapse and the death and destruction that followed occurred AFTER Katrina was long gone - and the storm barely scratched the city.

Federal levees built with are tax payers are defending many American cities, not just New Orleans - and New Orleans isn't even the worst case possible.

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