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The Real History of Money and Debt - Part 3

"Virtual" money came before hard money &
Philosophy and religion grew up in response
to the invention of money


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Money = war = slavery
Religion and philosophy an attempted antidote


This goes pretty deep...

Money, as we know it (coins), first came to be in order to facilitate war.

Traveling armies needed to get food and other goods and since they could not engage in normal social transactions, they needed a way to get what they needed.

Thus coins were invented. Once coins were invented and kings needed coins to pay soldiers, taxes were invented.

Think about it...

There was no income tax in the US until the US adopted the role of "global cop" (in reality global strong arm gangster.)

Then and only then, did the country need an income tax, a standing army, and a central bank.

Here's the whole talk: Debt: The First 5,000 Years

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