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The de-centralized nature of Bitcoin

What is it? Is it a force for good?


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Twenty years after the birth of the web
a new thing to wrap our minds around


For a long time I fluctuated between disinterest and skepticism about Bitcoin.

Now my position has changed. It's worth paying attention to.

As for becoming a Bitcoin "true believer", no, not yet.

Bitcoin is really two things: It's a protocol (in the same way that the Internet is a protocol) and it's the name of just one of countless things you can do with the protocol, in this case create digital currencies, one of which is named Bitcoin.

II am firmly against digital money - when it is in the hands of a centralized authority. I don't want anyone to be able to turn my money on and off with the flick of a switch.

The idea of a digital, global currency under the control of a centralized government (i.e. band of psychopaths and thieves) is NOT a good idea.

However, the idea of a digital money system which crosses borders with ease and by definition cannot be controlled or gamed by anyone - government or otherwise - THAT is a very intriguing idea.

Abby Martin speaks with Andreas Antonopoulos, founder of Root Eleven and co-host of let's Talk Bitcoin.

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