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Once in a century rip off

Financial collapse being used
to try to terrorize the population
into bailing out billionaires


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From the people who brought you 9/11


The Bush Administration started with 9/11, a still-uninvestigated "external" attack that has been used to shred the Constitution and plunge the economy into billions of dollars in debt on bogus security programs.

In 2003, at the very same time Bush & Co. fraudulently promoted the Iraq War, Greenspan, Wall Street, and legions of crooks in the real estate industry created the biggest financial bubble the world has ever seen creating the illusion of economic health.

Now, as the bubble collapses, and the US financial markets collapse along with it, Bush & Co. have one more scam to run before they leave office:

The transfer of trillions of dollars from the US treasury to the very same crooks who blew up the financial system in the first place.

As I've said before, no external enemy, or collection of external enemies, could ever have done as much harm to the US as the Bush family has done.

Why this family, that includes three generations of traitors to the nation, as not been arrested, charged, convicted of treason and disposed of properly has got to rank as the greatest single mystery in American history.

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