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"Not My City Anymore"

Candace Roberts on the Manhattanization of San Francisco


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For sale to the highest bidder


My friend Candace Roberts artfully protests the chewing up of a great American city by local government crooks kowtowing to whoever can slip them the most money.

If you haven't been to San Francisco in a while, or you haven't been ever, it might be a good idea to take a good look before the whole place to paved over.

Of course, it's not really that bad, but if the crooks in local government had their way, they'd sell the place out tomorrow.

The only thing stopping it is there aren't quite enough buyers.


Not My City Anymore

I fell in love with a girl who was sort of a saint
And her name was Fran, Fran Cisco, San Fran Cisco
She had long wild hair and a loud belly laugh
She said "Come as you are, you can fly whatever flag"
It was love, it was love

But they rode into town with their dollars and bling
They were promised the sky, this was more than just a fling
They beat Fran down and smashed her face into dirt
They slowly bent her over, ripping off her skirt

Now she's not my city anymore
No she's not my city anymore
They tied my hands, forced me to watch
While she became what she's not
No she's not my city anymore

Hey City Hall ......
Fran lost the light in her eyes, I never thought her a quitter
But she's been pimped til she's dry to the highest bidder
So another high rise and another Whole Foods
You're a 24 year old gazillionaire with nothing to lose

You wake up in your loft, with your view of the bay
You skip down to Valencia for your artisanal shave
Drinking $6 coffee while creating your app
Then you tweet your friends that you just took an artisanal crap
Hey, can you save one for me? I'm kinda hungry.

I cook your food, wait your tables
Serve you cocktails, where's my tip?
I teach your kids, wipe their asses
Walk your dogs, I suck your dicks
Write your songs, paint your murals
Haul your garbage, wax your beave
Funny who you decide to reward
While the rest of us make beans

Up go the rents, in come the chains, oh, out with the little guy
It's an economic cleanse, the great divide, now a mile high
The top tier always looks the same, no matter the city you name
So Fran's not Fran anymore, you kicked your whore to the door.
Didn't this all happen before?

Now she's not my city anymore
No she's not my city anymore
They tied my hands, forced me to watch
While she became what she's not
No she's not my city anymore, no she's not my city anymore

San Francisco, they forced open your gates too wide
Shot all their fear and greed inside of you
Hey City Hall must it always be boom or bust
Isn't there room for us ...all?

Cast and crew

-Written, Performed & Produced by Candace Roberts
-Directed & Edited by Danny Plotnick & Candace Roberts
-Recorded & Mixed by Ryan Clark
-Director of Photography, Jean-Baptiste Damian Lucas
-Gaffer, Drew Nelson
-Wardrobe, Hair & Makeup Design by Cody Caronna
-Choreography by LeeWei Chao
-After Affects & Additional Editing by Jonathan Parra

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