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Is it gold's time to shine?

The logic behind a bright future for gold


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Negative interest rates = theft from savers


Question: When banks start stealing depositors money - and that's what negative interest rates are - what yellow metal has a chance to shine?

The logic behind a bright future for gold.

Our insanely corrupt and inept Central Banks have painted themselves into a corner.

The only way they think they can "save the world" is by cutting interest rates.

Well, they did that and it didn't work (unless you get the money first and can bid up assets that other people - us - have to pay inflated prices for.

So, it 1% doesn't work, how about 0%?

And it 0% how about TAKING money from every depositor. It's already happening in Japan and Switzerland and a few other countries. Savers in those countries not only get no interest, they have nearly 1% of their saving taken from them every year for the

What's the answer?

Cash, right? Keep it at home and pay no penalty.

Not so fast. Try to take $10,000 or more in cash out of the bank today and see what happens to you?

The US wants to ban $100 bills "to fight terror and drugs" and the Eurozone wants to get rid of the 500 Euro bill for the same reason.

It's all total BS of course. There was far more terror in Europe in the 70s than there is now and the drug trade is nothing new.

Make no mistake, there is a war on your cash.

The answer?

Well, if you've got gold, the price might go up. It will certainly be worth something tomorrow and it's accepted as money everywhere in the world from the Sahara desert to the rain forest of Borneo.

And there will be no way for the banker-thieves to take a slice of it every year or worse do a bail in on it.

If you've got wealth, look at gold as a way to preserve it. Real gold. Not shares in a pool or an ETF. Gold you can put your hands on.

If you don't have wealth, buy staples that you use every day and set them aside for a rainy day.

Brasscheck TV's answer to the normal human question: "What can I do?"
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