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China flexes its muscles

Puts the world in a financial headlock


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"Servants in our own country"


While right wing and left wing pundits in the US bray on and on about trivia, there's been a major shift in world power with China putting the rest of the world in a headlock - and barely anyone has noticed.

According to a recent New York Times article, China now currently produces 93% of all the world's so-called rare earth elements and more than 99% of the output for two of these elements.

What are rare minerals used for?

Oh, nothing terribly important. Just missiles and green energy technology and other fringe stuff like that.

China has declared they're going to continuously cut down their exports of these vital raw materials and compel the manufacturers that need them to set up their facilities in China if they want access to them.

Not only that, but China appears to be the only country left on earth with cash so they're in a perfect position to pick up the mineral resources of countries like Australia, the US and Canada at fire sale prices.

Ever heard the phrase "game over?"

But don't worry, the US will continue to grind down its forces and finances in one pointless military engagement after another. Great strategy.

And right wing "free market" economists will continue to reassure us that not only can afford the wars, but also that by getting big screen TVs cheap from China, we're getting the better part of the deal.

Treasonous idiocy.

Interestingly, I was only able to find one relevant Youtube video with the keywords "china mining." Talk about off the radar. This one's a clip about China's ability to call the tune and make Australia dance.

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