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A major labor triumph
pushed off the headlines

Things like this just don't happen


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A rare victory for working people
over corrupt and idiotic suits


A lot of companies are being killed right now, not because they're not viable and well managed, but because the rocket scientists who run the banks have screwed things up so royally they're randomly calling in loans all over the place.

The reality is that many businesses - especially manufacturing businesses - need access to credit to operate.

Step on their credit "oxygen line" and you can kill a good company overnight.

That's what the geniuses at Bank of America did to a Chicago based company that manufactures storm windows (can you imagine a better business to be in right now?)

The workers and their union said: "No way!" and took over the plant.

Somehow they managed to lure the local politicians into the fight who very publicly took their side so much so that the Governor of Illinois told Bank of America to wake up or live without the state's business.

Bank of America woke up - and the FBI which has been monitoring the governor's phone calls for years chose that moment in time to indict him.


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