The corporate government's latest initiative

Now they're after your kids' ability to think

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What's behind the Common Core Curriculum

From Germany to Communist China to the Soviet Union to the United States today, the elites have a goal:

Conformity uber alles.

Until recently, that's been hard to enforce. People can do "inconvenient" things like read and research and think for themselves.

Big Business and Big Government and their handmaidens in Big Education have a plan to remedy that.

The National Governors Association, the Gates Foundation, Intel, Microsoft, the World Bank, and the “learning company” Pearson are working hard together to bring a nightmare curriculum to fruition.

Their vision is one where techno-socialization, not knowledge gained from independent sources or critical thinking ability, is the top priority for education.

Documentarian Aaron Franz interviews education researcher Robin Eubanks about the Rotten Core Curriculum, and this video covers some of their main points in an excerpted form.

You can listen to the full interview at the following link:
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