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Blueprint for Global Control

How the UN operated Agenda 21 will accomplish this


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Under the guide of sustainable development,
democracy is sacrificed


Through a technocracy of elites, a UN backed operation called Agenda 21 has been initiated to achieve global control under the guise of sustaining the planet.

What does that actually mean and how does this play out in the lives of the People of the World who don't belong to that elitist group of controllers?

-Countries shall no longer exist as sovereign states.

-Universal surveillance shall effect a culling of only a half a billion to inhabit the earth as a sustainable planetary allowance for survivability.

-An Orwellian police state to control this construct.

-Monsanto-"No food that grows shall we not own."

-And who gets food?_those that conform

Brasscheck TV's answer to the normal human question: "What can I do?"
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