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Weird coincidence

ISIS is also the Israeli name for the Mossad


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Is this someone's idea of a joke?


This clip from 1990 breaks down the three branches of Israeli intelligence. The first, and most well known, is Mossad. The Israeli equivalent of the CIA, it is the branch that specializes in espionage and special ops.

Lesser known, but actually the largest and most important, is Amman, the military intelligence branch. They are the ones keeping an eye on neighboring countries for signs of coming war.

Shin Bet, Israelís domestic security agency, is the third, equivalent to the FBI. They are in charge of fighting terrorism & subversion, and foiling plots against the state of Israel.

The speakers had a hard time tracking down the English translation of Mossad. Turns out it is Israeli Secret Intelligence Service, or ISIS. Talk about a PR nightmare. I wonder if they changed their letterhead yet?

Or maybe this is just in your face joke.

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