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The Holocaust without hysteria

From hate speech to industrial strength murder


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A historical appraisal


A sober, non-dramatic description of the Nazi program that started as political gamesmanship (targeting the weak and the "other") and ended in the industrial strength slaughter of hundreds of thousands of unarmed civilians.

We haven't run information on this subject before for a couple of reasons:

1. We object to calling anything THE Holocaust. There have been many holocausts in human history.

2. There are holocausts going on right now that merit at least as much attention.

3. A whole industry has grown up around "THE Holocaust" which serves the dual purpose of generating income to legions grifters ("There's no business like Sho'ah business") and provide political cover for the ongoing Israeli genocide of Palestinians

That said, the premeditated mass slaughter of Jewish civilians, primarily in eastern Europe, did take place at the hands of the German military and looking at how such an atrocity came to be deserves sober study and reflection.

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