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"A racist, terrorist state"

The General's Son


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"The most shameful day in the history of the Jewish people"


Much to consider here:

1. Why a "two state" solution is a fantasy that will never happen

2. Why one state - with democracy for all - is the solution just as Switzerland and Belgium managed to pull disparate nations together

3. How Israel rules its territory and why, given how it operates today, it is a racist, terrorist state

4. "The most shameful day in the history of the Jewish people" - and it took place not long ago

5. Why Israel will never attack Iran (only an idiotic US can be drawn into such a misadventure)

Note: To all the "Israel-as-it-is uber alles" folks, I could not possibly be less interested in reading your ravings. Save your keystrokes. Watch the videos and learn something.

Your position that Israel is entitled to carry on any way it pleases without adhering to international law and basic human decency is morally indefensible.

Brasscheck TV's answer to the normal human question: "What can I do?"
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