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What an attack on Iran
will look like

A Really Lousy World Left for Our Children


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Bush continues to push for an attack on Iran.

He is goaded by the Israeli War Lobby, the "religious" right, and other assorted domestic fascists and lunatics.

Iran is not Iraq.

Iran is a bigger country, a better armed country and a much more socially cohesive country than Iraq ever was - or could be.

Iran is PERSIA, a society with thousands of years behind it. Iraq was a glued together set of random kingdoms.

Iran is a country that has the ability to fight back and fight back massively.

As in Iraq, the weapons of mass destruction claim is a total fraud - and yet to war we go.

McCain is all for it. He can't wait. Obama is being artfully vague about his intentions.

And then there's Bush and Cheney. They still have nearly six months left to put the final bullet in the back of America's head before they go.

Eight years ago, who could have ever imagined this insanity?

Brasscheck TV's answer to the normal human question: "What can I do?"
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