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The Iran-Iraq War: Iran had 1 million casualties

The US supplied the other side (Iraq)


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"In one day we could radicalize these people"


Ten years ago renowned travel writer visited Iran and came back with a detailed report.

Among other things, he visited a Martyr Cemetery. There's one in every city.

During the Iran-Iraq War (1980-1988), Iran had over one million casualties, including an estimated 500,000 soldier deaths.

The US government (Reagan and Bush) armed the other side, the Iraqis and then best buddy Saddam Hussein.

What did we arm the Iraqis with in their war of aggression against Iran?

The usual stuff...plus biological and chemical weapons, not so coincidentally shipped out of the Port of Houston (See George Bush Sr.) How do you think the US knew that Iraq once had them?

Unlike Iraq, Iran is not divided. They're 90% Shi'a.

Unlike Iraq, the US hasn't spent 20 years bombing it so things are more or less intact.

The combat capacity of the country is formidable.

Iran is four times the size of Iran and Iran has TWICE as many people.

Starting a war with this country strikes me as (another) act of treason.

The video of Rick Steve's Visit

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