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Israeli War Party pumps the Iranian boogieman

"Gotta have an enemy"


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Government con artists are all alike


You can boil what politicians say down to this:

"There's a big danger out there and you need ME to protect you from it. In the meantime, give me lots of money and do everything I say."

When will people wake up?

Maybe there are.

How long is Iran, which has never invaded anybody, going to be painted as the big danger to world peace?

One thing no one talks about: While it may be possible for the US and Israel to inflict serious damage on Iran, Iran is not Iraq.

Iran did not lose a war to the US in the 1991. It was not subject to over two decades of military attacks as Iraq was before the 2003 invasion there. It's has a much bigger territory with many more people and more resources. Attacking Iran is reckless in the extreme.

Brasscheck TV's answer to the normal human question: "What can I do?"
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