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When "It" Hits The Fan

The fall of Saigon


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Reporting by Bruce Dunning


Superb reporting from the kind of journalist that doesn't exist anymore. Name: Bruce Dunning He passed away this year.

He was on the this flight and was subject to everything that went on yet he reported the event as objectively as possible never once calling attention to his own professional heroism. (Nor did the network gloat about its reporting.) Can you imagine a TV reporter (Fox, CNN, MSNBC) conducting him or herself this way these days?

Despite the decades of mayhem, there were many people who believed that South Vietnam would never fall to the North.

Too much US investment, the Americans would never let it happen.

A vivid lesson in why you should never stay at a party too long and why whenever you enter a room you should always be aware where all the exits are.

Some observations:

1. As bad as this was, think back to New Orleans in 2005. The people stranded in the city didn't get an airlift - or even an airdrop of food and water for five days.

2. In a real catastrophe, some of the most dangerous people are going to be the forces of "law and order."

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