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How Italians fought fascism

Untold heroism durring WWII


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Censored history


Until the Nazis invaded italy and turned it from ally into conquered state in 1943, not a single Jew of any national origin under Italian control anywhere was handed over to the Germans.

Italian people including the military and government officials, defied German orders to turn over its Jews.

In just one example among many, the Italian Fourth Army surrounded French police in Annecy and forcibly prevented them from deporting Jews.

In addition to the hundreds of thousands of Italian Jews who were protected throughout the war, Italians saved 10,000 Jews in Yugoslavia and Croatia, 15,000 in Greece, and 25,000 in France. All in all, approximately 80% of the country's Jews were saved. Contrast that with the rest of Europe where it's estimated 80% were murdered and worked to death.

Another little known fact is that in northern Italy CITIZEN MILITIAS liberated the region both from its fascist rulers and Nazis invaders well in advance of the US invasion.

Why is this story of heroism and resistance not known?

It doesn't fit the plot of the liberating Americans and it makes other countries like France, the Netherlands, Belgium etc. that turned over the vast majority of its Jewish citizens look bad.

It was possible to resist - and prevail. The Italians did so under dire circumstances, but apparently no one in the history textbook business wants you to know that.

After the war, the US OSS (later the CIA) which took credit for Italian resistance (what a joke), turned on the country viciously undertaking a program of assassination, bombing, terror, and black propaganda to make sure that the leaders of the resistance to the Nazis who had socialist leanings did not become leaders of post-War Italy. (Look up "Operation Gladio".)

History as it happened. Not as they tell it in the story books in school.

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