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Gulf of Mexico oil catastrophe:


BP (and Obama) are lying (9:22)

BP oil spill 2 years later (3:27)

Clean up workers at risk from crude and corexit (7:38)

Covering up the cover-up: The BP oil spill (13:05)

"Drill Baby Drill" (2:53)

Fox News: What oil? (2:32)

Freedom destroyed (10:00)

Not just a problem for the Gulf (1:00)

Obama gives BP a get out of jail free card (26:37)

Oil spill chemicals poisoning fishermen (2:07)

Shocking betrayal of trust (3:28)

The BP gulf oil disaster: Four years later (9:42)

The Gulf 20 years from now (4:48)

"We mean nothing to BP or the government" (15:44)

Who really controls BP? (10:00)

Why not a safe, effective solution? (10:00)

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